The Importance of Color, Pattern and Texture in Carpets?



Color, pattern and texture; It is especially important when the contract carpet is used on large surfaces and as a dominant decoration item.

Color and Pattern:
 A light colored rug makes the space appear large and airy. Strong and dark colors create a warm atmosphere. Color is very important not only in terms of aesthetics but also in determining the dirt hiding level of the carpet. Solid and light colors show dirt more easily on the carpet, while dark colors show light dirt and fluff. Mid-tone colors reduce the visibility of contamination most effectively.

The pattern of the carpet also plays an important role in hiding dirt. Mouline and large patterned carpets (with a large floor space) reveal contamination. Regular (organic, geometric) patterns tend to show more dirt and risk, while irregular and multicolored patterns; they reduce the visibility of dirt and stains. The pattern divides the viewing areas of the interior. Large patterns provide a feeling of narrow space in the space, small patterns provide a feeling of large space. Choosing the carpet in the color and pattern best suited to the traffic level and pollution intensity of the environment significantly reduces the need and costs of maintenance.

Maximum dirt hiding performance;
 It is obtained with irregularly sprinkled colors or irregular patterns. In places that will be exposed to heavy traffic; Medium-dark carpets with as many colors as possible and with irregular patterns provide the most balanced performance.

Carpet surface; It absorbs or reflects the light in different ways, depending on the way it is woven and the finishing (giving the carpet its final shape, painting, etc.). This feature can significantly change the appearance of the carpet. The texture and weaving types used in the wall-to-wall carpet industry are listed below.  

Level Loop (Straight loop - same pile height)  

Textured Loop (Irregular loop - with very low pile height differences)  

Multilevel Loop (Multi-level curl - with multiple pile heights)  

Cut & Loop (Curl - Cut pile combination)  

Tip Shear (Multi-level curl - high barks are trimmed)  

Cut Pile (Cut pile - same or different pile height)  

Contract carpet should be preferred for places exposed to heavy traffic. For this purpose, it is necessary to seek support from specialist sales points or manufacturer companies that do contract work. It should not be forgotten that not every carpet offered for sale in the market is suitable for heavy traffic use ...  

Design: Carpet design is a combination of colors, patterns and textures. The most important element in design; is the usage place and purpose of the carpet. For this reason, wall to wall carpets are divided into two main disciplines.  

Suitable for Intensive Use (contract) Carpets: Durability is at the forefront. Performance and maintenance needs are designed for high traffic. Stain resistance is at the highest level. It also has some extra advantages such as non-flammability and antistatic properties. It should be preferred especially for places such as hotels, holiday villages, banks, business and shopping centers. There are also higher class types of carpets suitable for intensive use (produced for venues such as airports, etc.).  

Contract rugs; It offers unlimited options, from extremely simple, flat, independent designs to animated designs that are exciting and affect other elements in the environment. Principally; There is no harm in choosing carpets suitable for intensive use for the home. It is not possible for a carpet produced for houses to survive if it is subjected to heavy use.  

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